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Project Description Owner Last Change
4thJuly.git Arduino light paterns for... 3 years ago
asterisk-spoof.agi CallerID Spoofing with Asteris... 5 years ago
cert-scanner.git If you ever needed to inventor... 3 years ago
eagle.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
fingerprinter.git Web fingerprinter by RH and JS 3 years ago
fireflies.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
hack-covid-19.git This is the source code for... 17 months ago
halloween.git Code for the halloween box... 2 years ago
home-automation.git Code for my home automation... 5 years ago
led-wall.git Repo for the LED wall code 2 years ago
map-websocket.git This is the modification and... 5 years ago
map.git Honeymap modification for... 3 years ago
old-and-random.git Old and random stuff that... 5 years ago
power-brultech.git This is where my crap code... 4 years ago
rb-clock.git Code for the Rb Clock 3 days ago
russ-button.git Repo for Russ Buttons! 2 years ago
sdr-websocket.git This is the code that does... 5 years ago
shmoo-2020.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 23 months ago
skycam.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 months ago
soho-sigint.git This is the SoHo-SIGINT Code 4 years ago
teletype.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 months ago
usb-nixie.git USB Nixie display code 5 years ago
vfd-clock.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 months ago
wisuck.git An attempt to calibrate wirele... 3 years ago
xmas-ornament.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
zoneminder.git This is for some zoneminder... 4 years ago