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Mon Feb 17 18:48:43 EST 2014
101 Bad Ideas for the Raspberry Pi, pifm and SDR in general

While at Shmoocon 2014 I was working with the folks at the WCTF and dragorn; there I was inspired to create a list of all the horrible awful things that no one should ever do with a rapi and pifm. Consider this a catalogue of things I've experimented with as I'm coming up with them on the fly. Hopefully, one day, I actually get to 101. As I update it, I'll post code and how I did it.

1. Lame Signal Jammer
2. Remote TCPDUMP
3. Remote Packet Inject
4. Wireless Bridge
5. Mess with a Presenter
6. Remote SDR
7. It is God
Thu Jan 23 21:07:43 EST 2014
Here's the Shmoocon 2014 Wireless Capture the Flag Software Defined Radio post mortem report. Wow; that was a mouthful.  
Sun Mar 30 00:38:38 EDT 2008
Wow- a lot has happened since I've last updated.
1. I've left ClosedNetworks and now work for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange
2. I'm now blogging over here
3. Beth and I are moving after some incidents happened
4. I've gotten some industry awards from CSO Magazine
5. CCDC was a ton of fun
6. I'm doing product reviews for InfoWorld. You'll see some stuff soon
7. Yeah, I'll admit it. A couple of folks spent some time and found a vuln in my website. Shame on me for not doing enough testing.
8. It was an honor to contibute to Johnny Long's latest book: No Tech Hacking
9. I'm now teaching at Drexel University.
10. For the last of it, I'm also Net Control for the Philadelphia ARES group

I'll do my best to update more frequently... Promise.
Sun Dec 3 15:42:27 EST 2006
To catch everyone up, I'm on the board of directors for Philadelphia Infragard and just got my CISSP cert in November. Good times indeed.  
Tue Aug 8 15:45:04 EDT 2006
PS- When does FiOS come to Philly? Oh yeah, according to the sales folks at Verizon it was suppose to happen this past Spring... A likely story!  
Tue Aug 8 15:42:49 EDT 2006
Working as always. I'll see everyone soon enough!